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Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
like 2yrs ago i was at boston pizza and had to go like NOW and the stall was takin so i took one of the two urinals
now if theres only two and ones being used that means you do NOT use the other one right? duh
well this fucking ass comes up beside me hes in like his 40's fat as hell
i ignore him and try and hurry up
and out of the corner of my eye i could see him staring openly RIGHT AT ME
i zipped up turned to face him and told him in a VERY loud voice in a packed bathroom "you fucking ped dont look at kids dicks what the hells wrong with you!" then i left

Well one time I was going to use the stalls in the theater after watching Brokeback Mountain...I was deciding whether to go to the stalls or the urinals. I turned around and there's this guy in his 60's+ standing there with one hand on it, and my god I was behind him at an angle and had a clear view. It was just...eww old cock...weird
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