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Question Online Love... Is this wrong?

"Why is this in the gay bar?"
I guess i didn't look at the forum topic... stupid me...... *doh*

Okay I'm 14 years old, and ever since 2006 in may, I fell in love with this guy. ONLINE.
It all started out in Late 2005. When we met on the internet. He got a girlfriend a month after we met online, and I didn't care. No really. Then time flies by, I get to know him ALOT more, (Like secrets more) he's 2 yrs older than I am and lives way west US and i'm in the southen US. August rolled around, He broke up with his girlfriend, But that didn't change how I felt about him. Now was the time I should tell him I like-liked him and then he tells me his true feelings. The week after we met online, He wanted to meet me sooo badly in real life and wanted to kiss me. I was shocked, yet, It felt heartwarming.... He said he still kinda like-likes me. Just recently, I accidentaly DIALED HIS PHONENUMBER!!!

Now I know he isn't lying about himself... So... Should I still like him? I mean, what should I do? I know his phonenumber, His email address, about his family, his full name, and the zipcode he's in. Now what?

BTW im just asking you if i should still like him

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