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Default A walk in the woods

I love
I care.
I open up and stare.
Why does no one seem to get it.
That I am stuck in this big pit.
This wall of dirt.
With a shirt of white and red.
Help me out,
Pull me out.
Let me breathe a fresh breath.
Don't let me die this slow and painful death.
I am running,
I am cunning.
You won't catch me, if I fall.
If I hide behind this wall.
A wall of sorrow
and regret.
A sadness I have not met.
I stand alone, in a feild.
without a sheild,
From the sun.
I am done.
I want to go,
to fly.
into the deep blue sky.
Let me go,
Let me go,
Let me flow.
I want to be free.
Free of this mask that covers me.
Free of this burden that smuthers me.
Just stop caring.
Stop all this daring,
To love me.

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