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No, no you are suppose to die young. No one is SUPPOSE to, but sadly people do all over the planet. I think that taking your own life would be a horrible thing to do. It would ruin your family, and your friends. I'm sure you have touched so many lives, and giving up wouldn't be any help to any of those people. But thats what your doing is giving up, your letting the waves take you out to sea, when you really need to swim. Please don't drown, it would hurt so many, and be so pointless. You are worth something in this world and giving up would not be the best. If you gave up imagine what your future children (that might have been) might say about you or what your parenets might do. Think about the Virgina Tech shooting. Did those people want to die, and give up their lives. No. They wanted to live and be happy, and you are just sacrificing that. I really don't think the shooter wanted to die, I just think with some help and friendship he may have not done anything irrational. In conclusion, don't give up, because their are people out there that would be devistated if you did.

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