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Talking Hey there, Ho there, Hi there!

Hello, hello, one and all! I am The Inkweaver, and I am here to boggle your minds and force you to question your reality!

In all actuality however, I am here for only one thing - duty. As of finding out about this place, I thought my experience with life, despite being only 15, could help numerous people. Be warned, however - I am quite stoic, and, at times, cold and unfriendly. I do not mean to be this way and, if I am, I apologize. It is just my personality...( !!!disco break!!! )

Nevertheless, seeing as this is an Introduction Post, allow me to introduce myself. I am one of the most unuasual teenagers you'll ever have the privlage to meet, and I'm not being conceded when I say this.

I could attempt to put my entire life's story( shortened, of course ) on here, but, honestly, who's interested in that crap? (If you are, let me know.) I am an Artist, a Writer, a Poet, a Leader, a Hero, a Villain, an Illusionist, a Pessimist and an Optimist. In other words, I am a paradox.

I have had many encounters in my life, most of which are confidential information that has remained secret to all but me, and will continue to remain as such. These many encounters have led to my....erm..."birth", I suppose you could say. They have given me eyes, with which to see through the many fallacies of this world so as to seek out the Truth.

But, on this day, you should all count yourselves lucky for I, The Inkweaver, will list for you all the events of my life, in a nutshell.

My parent's divorced at a young age, for reasons that will be made evident shorlty. My mother remarried to my barbaric step-dad, while my father never re-married. My father constantly told me that women were "All crazy bitches", that I "SHould never get a girl-friend." and that I'd be better off if I "Just left them alone for the rest of my life." Of course, his tune changed when I hit puberty, but the damage was, by then, irreversable. It was his words, coupled with another event you are about to be told of, that made My idiotic excuse for a step-father seemed nice enough - but I soon realized that my time with him would not be enjoyable. He is verbally abusive, short-tempered, and, according to himself, "always right". He's even smarter than the cardiologist, despite the fact that he's a drop-out, and has never set foot in a college.

The event I told you about earlier - the one that goes with my father's words - requires a bit of a back-up story. You see, back when I was still very young (4-7), I was a devout Christian. I went to church all the time, I studied the bible...hell, I wanted to be a preacher when I grew up. That, however, changed when I was molested by a male relative whose identity will remain undisclosed. I was smart even then and, knowing what I was told of homosexuality, I feared the worst. This was all long before my parents divorced. (By the way, my parent's parents divorced as well, as did their parents. Do I sense a pattern here?) Still, I pushed away my attraction to other boys, forcing myself to be what I then defined as "normal". I felt guilt beyond comprehension, and told no one, for fear that they would reject me, which they would have done.

As I said at the very begining of this little journey, I will now tell you why my parents divorced. This is information that I have only recently aquired from my father. Upon the divorce of my parents, my mother and I were kicked out of the church we attended. This scarred me even more, for I always saw them as such nice people. If this were true, then why would they do this to me? Why would they kick us out for divorce? The truth was this - they didn't kick us out for divorce. They kicked us out for adultrey. You see, the reason my mother wanted to leave my father was so that she could be with my step-father. IN FACT, she was in such a hurry to be with that sorry excuse for a human being that NO LEGAL DOCUMENTS WERE AQUIRED! Basically they split, and they came to a verbal agreement on what would be done with me. There are no papers dictating where I have to live, no child-support papers...nothing. The only thing keeping me in my mother's house is my own free-will, and that is reaching it's last legs. So, now that you know this, I can go on to relate to you my religious views. Hark, did I just hear a groan from the people reading this? No? Must've been the wind....

I am an apostate, and, for those who know not what this is, I shall tell you. An apostate is one who has abandoned their religious beliefs. I saw the contradictions of my religion, I saw what it did to people, I saw how unfair and corrupt it was, and I chose to leave it behind. My family, however, is none the wiser. They know not that I have chosen this path, nor that I am gay, nor that my past has shaped me in such a way. I am their idol - in their eyes, I can do no wrong. They attempt to change me, mold me into what they see as "right", but I will not have it. I have made my own choices.

Though I do have an orientation, I do not love. I have seen what love does to a man, and I shall have no part in it. This is ironic, however, due to the fact that I have many stalkers where I live. This is apprently due to my "mysterious aura", as my friends call it.

All of this - my entire past and present - has made me who I am. I am a leader and a visionary. My fate is to lead my people from the brink of destruction, only to hand them the tools for a different death. This may sound morbid, but when your as twisted as I am, it's expected.

I am in no way normal, as you can probably tell. I care more about the state of the world than of my own affairs - the complete opposite of most of my fellow teens. I use the weathered and beaten foundation of my past to build a bright new future. Sure, I have my moments of deppresion, my suicidal thoughts and perhaps a little taste of blood now and then (yes, I like the taste of my own blood), but for the most part I have over come the odds that have been stacked against me.

I am a natural born leader - an inspiration to all those around me. I am misundestood by those who fear change and loved by those who know not what change is. I am a writer, a poet, an artist and a visionary. I am a demon and an angel - an Illusionist and a Truth Seeker. I am the Ink Weaver, and I am here for your support.

"To rule the world in an era of peace - to make it all better - this is my dream." -- Taken from the poem "My Dream", written by moi.
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