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Exclamation Overly-Sexual Sister Help

OK. So we all know how hard it is for guys to contril themselves they they a horny, night? But what if your yunger sister is purposly trying to make you horny???

So, my sister is 13. She's beautiful. Many guys have fallen to her.. but, she does this thing that gets to me so much. Whenever are parents aren't home, she'll come down in a shot night shirt, with no bra, no panties. nothing. she'll sit on the couch and spread her legs apart, exposing the pussy. she will masturbate right IN FRONT of me!! when i take a peek, she accuses ME of being gross!!! she'll hump the couch in front of me. walk around naked.... i can't take it. so, i told my parents, and she dineyed it, and then told them "you know how boys are" Oh my gosh. I'm losing it.

Is there any advice for me? Please help..
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