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Default Re: Please Help I Think Im Gay

hey chill. you need to relax!!! i know what ur going through.... right now im in the 8th grade and i am the same way. i get horny thinking about guys but i had a girlfriend. I still love her but guys make me horny. like i said though im in the 8th grade, in 14!!! i just started puberty like a month ago and these thoughts never even entered my mind. Im pretty sure that i will end up bi or staright but let time tell. Right now you need to find a good video game and forget about the world. Ok?! I used to worry about being gay but i've come to terms that if i'm gay i'm gay and my friends, well i talked to them about it and they said that they would never ever care. My dad i dont think is the same way but later in life you will have to stop caring what others think of you so if he doesn't like me becaue i become gay then he lost his son and he will come to reason that i am gay. right now i have moved on and regretably are thinking about getting drunk or doing weed.... but i rather not do drugs..... the drinking well alot of my friends go over to my other friends house and get drunk alot. i've had alot of alcohol and my parents were there to make sure i wasnt doing drugs. however i've never been drunk or well nvm that doesnt matter, what does matter is that from what i've read i sound like a person in the EXACT same place as you so if you need to talk to me personally go ahead!!

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