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Default Re: Wanting to gay pash with friend

Originally Posted by Dom View Post
well now dont judge but lately i have been thinking about that to.... and my friend is straight (or so he says) and i think that i might be going gay because of me thinking about seeing other guys naked and that me and my friend play truth or dare and we always dare eachother naked..... but i kind of want to see what its like to be gay b4 i choose...... only other problem i've had a girlfriend. oh and im 14
Is this a question? This is someone else's topic... try posting your own =]

Chocoholic - you may be gay, but curiosity is a very natural thing. And think about this...I'm gay...if a girl gives me a hand-job(eww), and I like it, does it mean I'm straight? An orgasm is an orgasm, that may be curious backwards. But if you enjoy it, it doesn't necessarily mean you're gay. Although, you may be bi and that is a strong possibility.

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