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testicular cancer?


testicular cancer is most common with 19-24 year olds.

lol the marble could be your testicle. you know, you do have them i believe.

but seriously though, i think it MIGHT be on your testicles (duh) but like, on testicles, there is a lump at the bottom of them to keep them in an upright position (if your ever seen one of the punching bad clowns, that no matter where you punch it, it will like tumble over, but then always be still on its "feet")

i noticed that i have it too, and all it probably is on you, is that its just the lump connect to the bottom of your testicles to keep them in an upright position instead of getting all tangled with the tubes and stuff and like "jiggling all around in your sack" when your walking.

you are probably okay, but if you think that its really serious, see a doctor.

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