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Default Re: Right age to have sex

Originally Posted by Rinoa View Post
The differing maturity level argument:

Yes we do all acheive the correcct level of maturity for sex at a different age, but I think we can all agree that there are ages at which it is impossible to be ready for sex. 7 Is way too young for example. We all believe that readiness for sex is dependent on maturity level. At what age do you believe it is possible to have attained the maturity level required?


the reason why its possible?

because when i was 14, i was mature enough to have sex.

i knew a girl who had sex with her boyfriend. and they were both 13, and they both started puberty pretty early (about 10 for the girl, 11 for the guy)

the girl regrets it, and she doesn't think that she was old enough (not mature enough)

i agree, and i think that 13 is too young to have sex (in America at least) because when i was 13, i dont think i understood the maturity level fully.

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