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Default Re: 10 advantages of ADD

you know, i never thought that there could be a plus side to this ADD. Until now!! and actually, i do (mostly) all that. except creative. well, i can create, but by the time i go to put it down on anything concrete (or even on a computer) it's different. kinda don't like when that happens cuz i liked the first one better, but i can't get it back. So my english teacher thinks i just don't wanna do the homework (which is kinda true) but i really do want to do it just can't put the research onto the paper. kinda sucks doing research, cuz when i read something, if i don't understand, i look for it. But then when i understand it, there really isn't any way to say it, so i get accused of plagarism in social studies alot. It's come down to my parents have to watch me try to type my paper so they can sign it saying i didn't copy and paste. lol, i shure have alot to say, and i typed this so fast that i scared my cat with the clack clack clack noise. It's funny, my brother sits there at the computer and seriously types uber slow, and i really just wanna push him out of the way and have him dictate to me, but that doesn't really work cuz he talks slow, too, lol!
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