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Default omg my life is getting screwed

ok well about feb 15 approx. i was hanging out with my friends and one of them started jokingly beating on me and it got kinda out of hand because like 4-5 of them were. well i had i really bad asthma attack and called an abulance and the police showed up as well. so after that i no longer have any friends. they call me loner, snitch and stuff like that and i couldn't stand haing no friends... they were my life. i started getting bad marks in school and had NO birthday celebration what so ever. later on about 2 weeks ago i started getting called snitch and loner by kids 1 year younger than me i punched onee in the face and got suspended and came home to the bad news my grandmother was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.the same day my cat died of intestinal cancer. so im back at school and the only kid who has been pretty much my on and off best friend since gr 1 today started throwing rocks at me and pretty much everyone who i even thought still liked me laughed and started saying stuff like "what a loser". i feel no reason for even trying to do anything anymore sorry i just needed to rant
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