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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Why do you even care? Ffs......

Ask Google
Hey...that didn't help at all...any post that is of no use at all is considered spam, and that was also just rude.
I think you should think before you post comments like this again, or you'll have a whole bunch of nasty comments in your nice little 2,500 face.

To measure your penis correctly:
Get as horny as possible! Like porno horny! That's the biggest you're gonna get.
Next, take a ruler and put it on the top of your penis with your penis pointing out (standing up? points right infront of you). Then bend out all the curves in your penis. Make sure the bottom of the ruler is at the base of your penis, against your lower belly. (forskin does not count towards size, and neither does any other parts of the penis not outside of the body)
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