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Default Re: Sunday

You think i'm a good global mod?!?!? Meeee!! Awwwww! Why thank you sweetie!! God I could just kiss you!

I'm following your rules you said its okay to swear it makes it "fun" I'm just not allowed to say words like child which I didn't
I wasen't swearing at you before but you said its okay
besides you started it! -sticks tounge out-

i'm waiting for you to bring up an argument against a bussiness having the option to remain open on Sunday

Or do u have one?

If all you want to do is yell at me than you can PM me
Cause your right I should probly lock this
but i'm not going to because i'm involved and it would be a conflict of intrest and unfair to you
it would appear that i was trying to silence you
even though i wouldn't be

best to just avoid
so no mod abilitys

as far as me getting in trouble
but i've had such a shitty month
i no longer care

but honestly for the second time from one member to another
keep it on topic please


Aww sweet you edited
your on topic!! DUDE YOU RULE! High five!

okay see the problem is I live in Northern Alberta aka I work like 90% of Albertans in the oilfeild
see I'm an industrial fire fighter yess dear padiwan its my job to save peoples lives and equipment that could buy a small country
Now the Alberta Labour Laws don't apply to the oilfeild like for instance in any other job they cant make you work over 19hrs not so in the oilfeild i've had many 27hr days
I also work full time at the shop doing maintence on Air units SCABA and SABA packs, Cascade systems etc....
so i'm garunteed to work mon-fri and then if theres a job i work on the weekend or i'm out in the feild during the week
such a schedule is common here
so finding the time to actually go and get stuff is easier said than done
usually i was forced to make my sis go
because i couldnt cause just the way it seemed to work i would have sunday off more than i would saturday

as far as anything like banking
depositing my pay cheques
transfuring cash between banks etc

when my brakes went in MY truck it took over a week just for me to get time to slip away and make the app
i had to use a company truck....okay it was a fully loaded 3/4 ton chevy silverado so i was happy but still

it annoys me

thankfully right now I'm at home cause were renovating then i'm guiding then i go to college
so i can do stuff YAAAAY

but befor i couldnt
and it annoyed me
so i made this topic


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