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Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
okay guys seriously who cares
the bands dead anyway
+44 and Angels & Airwaves are what Blink182 became


please, with all due respect, do not speak about Blink 182 unless you truly know what is going on, and if you think that you do, then you wouldn't have said that.

Blink 182 did not break up. they are not dead, they are not over.

Blink 182, in February of 2005 announced that they were going on an indefinite other words, a break.

Travis Barker, the drummer, along with Mark Hoppus, the bassist created a side band called +44, and Tom Delonge, the guitarist, because of relationship "drama" created a different side project called Angels and Airwaves.

they have both said that "they see Blink 182 creating more albums in the future, but they just need time away from each other to capitalize on their relationships"

now please, if anyone thinks that they want to debate over it, then i advise you dont, because i will kill your argument. besides, i dont not think that this is the place to argue about it. if you really feel the need to argue with me, then PM me.

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