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Default Re: **Does Penis Size Matter?**

I was not trying to demean you by any means I was merely saying what I KNOW. Obviously our facts are not the same and which ones are true is hard to say. It's likely it could be a mixture of both. also a fact can still be a generalization I.e. Most girls like 7" while some like bigger, some smaller. By saying women prefer 7" is generalizing (essentially averaging or find the mean value) a whole population. While the majority may agree it is generalizing because there are always exceptions. Anyways I didn't mean to insult your intelligence on the topic...

Thats ok Smith98 I appreciate your honesty its just from all my research into the subject, every survey website for males and female only ones the generalized opinion and view of 95 percent of girls is 7inches is the most enjoyable size that is not based on average but specifically on what women have said, but slightly smaller would do but they find its not as sexually satisfying as 7"
But then again men dont walk around with a sign sayin i have a 7 incher or above the same as girls dont walk around saying under this padded support bra hides extremely small nipples rested on extremely perky and upright breasts as the other extreme, " when you remove this padded support bra my boobs will just fall down to my knees and sag horribly which can sometimes happen and fool you into thinking your getting a really good deal until you take off the bra and then disappointment sets in. Well IMO the same thing happens to girls, they see a fit guy with a great body muscles and all that and then unwraps the package and its not all that and is disappointed by the lack of muscle in that department.. Unfortunately no1 ever knows until its too late IMO we probly should walk around naked or with signs but definately we should have at a minimum an electronic tag to give our ages off so nobody gets into trouble and has no excuses if caught with some1 underage, i know ive strayed away from the point slightly just had to say it anyway..
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