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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
its funny, because you are telling me that Blink isn't punk.

firstly, let me say that its my opinion. hell, i could even think that punk meant hip-hop...but that extreme. the point is, everyone interprets music in a different way, and because of that, i go to the professionals: Blink 182 themselves. My dad is friends with Anne Hoppus (Mark Hoppus's(the bassist in Blink 182) sister) and so ive met Mark a few times when he wasnt busy with touring and producing and creating. Ive asked him many questions, and one of the first, is what music he considered Blink 182 to be. this is what he said on a light quote:

"Blink is actually really a little bit of every kind of rock. We have always edged towards the punk side, but songs here and there sound different than punk, and some are very punk. It's all about how you interpret the music and what it means. But, if you were to ask me, i'd tell you that we are a mix between Punk, Alternative, and Pop Rock."

so, Blink 182 is punk. from the man himself.
They aren't punk, its not an opinion, its a musical genre you fucking idiot. I don't give a shit what 'mark hoppus said to your uncles dogs grandads old maths teacher'.
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