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But you claimed them to be one of the greatest bands of all time, they're FAR from it.

Their chords aren't that hard to play, nor are any of their instruments for that matter. And no, he didn't call them punk, he called them
Punk/Pop Rock/Alternative.

Which is quite funny because if you knew anything about punk, you'd know it wasn't created to "change the government, change the world"
Punk was created to say (Excuse the language) but

Pop Rock was exactly the reason punk was created, when all the pop rock bands were getting big and selling out, punk was made to basically say, we don't want to conform and won't join the media's eye. We will stay true.

Blink 182 is far from that concept.
Sure their musics may seem angry/anti-government, or faster.

But punk is more a concept over a genre. It was a wave that sweeped the nation.

Rock and roll was made to test barriers
Metal kind of didn't serve a purpose (I'm not saying it's bad, just no real movements, a decent genre for sure)

Punk was made to hate bands in the media spotlight.
If you're in the media spotlight, you've become the joke of punk.

I don't care what the band member said, here's a quote from The Sewer Rats;
"Fuck Green Day, Fuck Blink 182, Fuck Sum 41, FUCK OTTAWA"

I apologize for all the language, it's just either quotes or messages. If it needs to be edited I'd understand why
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