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Default Re: Right age to have sex

Subliminal Tim- Well said. Thank you.

There are alot of people who seem to believe that If you've started the menstrual cycle(generally around age 12) you're ready for it...but in this day and age it isn't true. It used to be that when a person hit puberty they were mature enough to be considered adults in their society. But now kids are beginning puberty an average of six years before they have the adult responsibilities at age 18.

I have a question for those that say sixteen year olds are ready. Can a sixteen year old honestly handle every possible consequence of sex? Let's say the girl gets pregnant, she is 50% more likely to have a premature baby at that age because her body is not equipped to nourish a child full-term. She is also more likely to need a C-section because, in many cases, pelvic widening has not completed enough to have room for the baby to fit down the birth canal. After the baby is born how well can the mother support the child? At that age she won't even have a high school degree, or real work experience, which means that she will not be able to make more than 20,000 dollars a year, she'll make 15,000 if she's lucky. Which sounds like alot, but in order to be able to comfortably afford to move out into and apartment(sans baby) you need to make around 25,000 a year. Does it really sound like a sixteen year old is physically ready and able to carry the responsibility of sex on their own?
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