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Default Re: 5th graders accused of sex in the classroom

Originally Posted by SubliminalTim View Post
...Or we just remember that these are 5th graders, weak minded and easy to corrupt fifth graders. The parents are probably fine. I dont see how hating the school board would make them want to have sex. But now, the state government? Sheesh. Here in Canada we start learning about sex in 6th grade, which is early enough.

I hate it when people say "Don't yell at them, they're just kids!" Well, we were kids once, and we did stupid things. These are children, and they're doing stupid things. Bringing third-parties into the mix just unnecisarilly complicates things, the world is only a pain because people complicate it without reason.

Just face it people children are stupid from birth, well most of us are stupid and a few of us are less stupid than others..

But comon it's again society and shit as now in my homecountry: ,, Normal kids loose their virginity at 11-14 ''

And did the teacher walk in and see them having sex or what?

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