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Exclamation Re: MySpace

Originally Posted by cheeseman the III View Post
everyone agrees with it,

Before I present my counter-argument, let me refresh everyone on the rules of a debate.

"One does not need to prove himself right, he must simply prove the other wrong, therefor making him right."

Settled? Good. Now..


MySpace is not responsible, you say? Well, if you think about it, what would the situation be like had the child never visited MySpace; hell, if MySpace was never created?

Now, what of MySpace of exactly? Let's look at their slogan first. "A place for friends". What does a naive child think of this? In a way it makes them feel safe and secure, as though there couldn't possibly be predators on the site. Wrong.

What about the security of the site anyways? Theres hardly a security system, the website doesn't have a way to verify the age of its users other than "select age" really. I haven't been there in ages, but like many social networking sites, if the minimum age on the drop-down menu is 17, people younger than that dont think "Hmm maybe I shouldn't, I'm not 17", they just think, "Ok, then, I'm 17."

Of course I've tried to send letters of concern to the heads of MySpace, but after 10 months unsanswered I've stopped checking my mailbox. Why not only allow people with ID's on MySpace, people they can actually run background checks on? It'd do wonders for the site.

Oh, and are we not all familiar of the Friend Factor in myspace, as I call it? Pretty much, you're supposed to get as many friends as you can, despite how weak, frail, or hell, even nonexistent your relationship to these people is. Friends? What friends? They're damned picture thumbnails; another body part shown each week! (Or, 'myspace poses') Because of this factor, people are desensitized to weak relationships, and any predator who makes use of this Myspace Friend Factor can easily convince the person that they are a 'friend' or even 'best friend'.

Then again, I still think "Wouldn't have happened if MySpace never existed, therefor it is responsible" sums up my case. Anyone else wanna go?
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