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Battle of Disarm
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Exclamation from Venice

Hi , I'm from Venice, FL. I listen to Punk Rock, mostly crust, but other stuff as well. Oi!, Streetpunk, Some early '77 stuff, D-beat. Some bands I like include
Abbraha Cross, Amebix, Avskum, Aus Rotten, Battle Of Disarm, Blood SPit Nights, Born/Dead, Death Squad, Deathcharge, Decontrol, Desolation, Defector, Discharge, Disclose, Distraught, Desconstruction, Dödsdömd, Dom Där, Dust Noise, Effigy, Framtid, Inepsy, Life, Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Kaaos, Gloom, ZOE

4 skins, BDTR, Boot Militia, Boot Party, Braindance, Braindance, Brass knuckle Boys, Combat 84, Condemned 84, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Drop Kick Muphys, Iron Cross, Sham 69, Marten's, Cobrah, The cuffs,

Hammer(Nippon), Gray Matter, Germs, Black flag, Agnostic front, Minor threat, Legbone.

Empire Falls, Phobia, Nausea, Assuk, Shifosi, Extreme Noise Terror. ACxDC

Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Johnny Cash, John WIlliams.
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