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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
please ban Dan13.

maybe its too harsh but he knows that 6 inches is average for an adult and hes either just saying that to be funny or hes spamming.

its just annoying when people say that because they already have the answer to their question.
You should not antagonise another member like that, it may be considered trolling. You can't tell us he knows something because you are not him. Maybe he doesn't know - it's a help forum anyways.
Members do not need to be banned for such innocent posts. It be an honest question, and your doubt is uncalled for.
The puberty forum gets posts like this regularly. If you don't like them, I think you should leave. The administration can't ban everyone for such un-offensive posts. Members'll probably get banned (for something along the lines of this) only if the member has a trend reaching 4+ posts of bad or dumb posts that don't really help and are obvious the the answer.

Yes Dan13, that is even the normal size penis for an adult! =]

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