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many people accuse MySpace as a responsible source for rape cases.

for instance, when 13 year old children meet men/women on MySpace, then the children meet the adult at a certain place, and finally, the child is kidnapped and raped.

children receive 60% of the blame/punishment
adults receive 40%
childrens parents receive a flewible percentage due to their involvement with their childs security.
MySpace is not blamed at all.

these children are stupid enough to meet an adult that they met online, and then they are stupid enough to go back to their home and then coincidentally get raped. MySpace should not be blamed for any of this because MySpace is not a dating site, and is not intended to be one. Yes, Myspace IS a site to meet new and cool friends, but common sense overrides the literal meaning of that term.

it pisses me off when parents try to sue MySpace because their children get raped. maybe if their children weren't nappy headed hoes, and the parents were actually responsible to talk to their children's' friends' parents, and get to know them before their child hangs out with their "new" friend.

the problem: Katie tells her mom that she's going over to best friend Susie's house. so, KMom has no problem with this because its so normal. Then Katie actually goes and meets her adult friend, gets kidnapped, and then raped.

'tis still the child's fault for lying, and then putting herself in a dangerous position. but wait, she didn't know any better! then it's the parents fault...NOT MySpaces.

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