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Default Re: I suppose this is where it'd go.

As lame as this sounds you have to stop thinking of him as 'the one', if he was he wouldn't have dumped you, right? I was the same way when my first longterm guy dumped me, but, weeks later I realised there are four billion other guys on the planet. So it didn't work with that one guy, you're still a great person, and it won't be long before another guy sees how awesome you are.

Think about the plans you have for yourself, other than him. What college are you gonna go to, what do you want to do for a career? In your head you made him your world, he was present and future, but in letting him be that you forgot one thing. Whether or not it works out with that guy you still have yourself. You have the future that you can make for you, you don't need his. You have your life, and yourself...what are you going to do with you?
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