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Default Anxiety, mints, and water.

First let me establish that I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Panic Disorder. I've been a nervous wreck since day one (when I was born, I was shaking so much that the doctors ordered for EEGs to check for seizures -- turned out to be anxiety).

As a child I had weird tendencies, some of which I still have. One was an inherent fear that I was going to "gag" that was triggered by that tickiling feeling everyone gets in their throat sometimes ("post-nasal drip"). Somehow as a kid I started sucking on mints and cough drops and that calmed me down. I also started carrying around a water bottle everywhere.

I had been in and out of therapy and with psychiatrists and I've been on the same meds since I was in 7th grade, and it seemed to work for me. The mints and water tendencies decreased. I had a mostly happy life and I was in control.

Now I'm in 11th grade and everything is collapsing. My family is planning to relocate down to Florida, I'm losing my friends, and the stress is making everything go downhill. My grades are slipping, I feel alienated from my friends, and worst of all, my anxiety is coming back.

I've been getting that whole panic attack feeling from the gag feeling again, which seems to be what I do when I'm stressed (which is pretty much *all* the time now). I've started again with the whole mints and water thing everywhere, like I used to. I hate myself for letting it come back even though I know I can't control it.

I'm trying to cope, I even went back to a psychiatrist a week ago to get some medicine readjusted. But medicine doesnt work magic, so she wants me to see a therapist as well.

Does anyone have any ideas, until then, of what I can do to just relax, and maybe stop some of the weird tendencies? I'd really like to return to the happy person my friends and family knew, and without carrying around mints and water. I dunno, it's silly, and I don't really even need the water, but I get nervous just not having it around "just in case".

Any ideas on how to deal with this mess of a life?

Thanks for your support,
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