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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

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Omg I just found a new signature! Also, how do you figure it jumps from five zeros to three zeros between tens and hundreds of thousands. Correctly calculated 100,000 is 0.0015% of the population and 10,000 is 0.00015%. Learn your low level math before you try to use numbers on me. You didn't address any other point, either.
actually, im right, your wrong.

the correct display on the calculator is...



which equals 0.0000015 rounded to the nearest millionth

im in Advanced Algebra 2 just to let you know, so dont tell me that im in a low level of math.

further advice, dont try to beliddle someone by their math skills anyways, and always make sure that you are right before you look like an asswhole to a thousand people.

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