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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
oh wait, thats right. you DONT live in Africa.

secondly, my "town" wouldnt be in the city. we;d be evacuated. but lets say it still happened and we didnt expect it. then i would hide under a bed, and they'd never see me. simple. i also wouldnt cry like a little baby, but you would be.

also, what country invades countries in Africa on a daily basis. if you dont know the answer, then you might as well admit that it really doesnt happen and that what i quoted from your statement is false.
well your first 2 points are just speculation you cant say for sure that it would happen.Im speaking hypothetically here."If your town was invaded", is the scenerio here. So your unpenetratable fortress of security would be hiding under a bed while soilders killed and raped your family and neighbours? good luck with that. Seeing as how your probably a little kid or something like that ill write off your immature little "i also wouldnt cry like a little baby, but you would be." comment. And for who invades africa on a daily basis its mostly civil and tribal wars taking place. However entire villages are destroyed and all the people inside killed.So nice try.
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