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Default Ok so..

Well here is the basic story, I went out with this girl around Oct. of 2006. We went out for like 2 weeks, and i broke up with her becuz she was very shy and i rly liked an active girl. Anyways life went and bladi bladi blah. Then about 2 weeks ago, I was thinking about her and it had hit me that i never stopped loving her. And to bring more good news for me, she had met a girl that really spiked her personality. But here is the bad thing, she is going out with a guy for like the past month or so. I have told her how i felt and she said, like we'll see and all that. ....So my question is, what do you think i should do....ride it out and see if they ever break up, or do i do something to immediatly change her mind. Cuz if she does break up with him, id rly like to ask her out, but am sorta confused. Any advice or help or tips would be great! Thx
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