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Post Am i OCD?

So im not sure if im ocd and i want to get some opinions before i talk to my psychologist.

So my first one is ever since i was a kid when i was in the car i would close and shut my jaw when passing lights its hard to explain. like i would have my mouth shut then i would open it when i passed a lamppost. like id keep my lips shut though. i hope that makes sense.

okay so second i touch things alot. like railings when i walk past them. and pillars of trees i do it even when im not thinking aboutit. though i don't always do it cause i usually walk in the middle. but when im close ill do it. also when im in the store i touch items sometimes when i walk past.

So the third is that i hate people touching my stuff like i get pissed. no one can touch it just me. i am trying to clean my room up cuz when i was a kid i didnt clean it. but now i close my eyes till i get in bed cause it makes me anxious

so those are my 3 things. also i have depression and social anxiety. okay well thanks for reading =p
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