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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

well war is killing thousands of our troops in iraq and afganistan but the stupid administration just wants money

war in my opinion is stupid in some aspects. the main thing is that it harms people all over the world. like it was said hundreds of thousands of people die in all wars. also it has an economic toll which is almost too great to put in to wars. i cant even type o n this subject beause i have so many things to say i cant comprehen it all so i am gonna stop now

also here is some stats on the war in iraq that i learned yesterday

90% of the american people want us out of iraq

2/3 of the iraqi people want us out

and 2/3 of the world want us out

so why are we still in iraq president bush

and also i forgot to say this. there will NEVER be a draft in this war. and that is from plain common sense and the panel discussion

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