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Originally Posted by surenix View Post
What is this to do with puberty. Get a boxing bag.
Allot actually
it has to do with drastic hormonal changes
a massive increase of testosterone
which leads to more aggressive tendency’s
in some guy's more than others

Personally I haven't been in many fights I always end up holding back cause I’m scared I’ll hurt them

But yes it does happen
There have been many days where I’d wake up with nothing wrong happening and I’d just be CRAVING a fight its normal

You need to find an outlet
Usually that’s sports
Rugby, football, soccer, boxing, wrestling, hockey etc...
I've never been into sports really i love watching kick boxing n shit but that’s about it

I used to just do something stupid and dangerous....I DON’T recommend that I’ve been in the hospital allot for broken limbs n such or
I loved the rush and feeling of release I’d get from pain and the adrenalin

My suggestion
You’ll feel better

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