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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~ View Post
maybe where he lives war has ravaged his country or region
i mean seriously
excluding the civil war and the war of 1812 etc...
there has never been a real war fought HERE in North America
the enemy has never invaded and set up a beachhead here
thats because North America has allot of oceans protecting it from Europe, asia, africa etc...

We've been lucky
yes war has affected us
but not to the point where the enemy is ransacking our citys, bursting into our homes etc...

War has improved things
but at a VERY heavy cost
This is the 21st century
I don't think there will ever be another world war because our economys are to interdependant now
we need eachother like never before

I don't like war
I understand that sometimes you just can't negotiate
like with the Nazi's you can't just turn a blind eye and forget what they did

but it MUST be a LAST resort
and when it happens
we shouldn't hold back
hit them fast
hit them hard
end the war quickly
and then go in with hundreds of thousands of troops and aid
and reestablish the country
help the innocent people
I totally agree. I think we should get out of this war, now. Also that we should help the people, but not force democracy on them, because more of the people in Iraq right now hate the US for interfearing so much with their lives. I believe that we should allow them the kind of government they want and support them with that.

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