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Default Re: How long does it take you to heal

Originally Posted by Eliza View Post
It usually takes a few weeks before the wound is closed, all the crust is gone and there's basically just the scar.. I can't really seem to think of just how many weeks, though. I used to recut all the time before but I've totally quit that so. I have one scar now that's just totally closed and all crust gone and such, problem is.. I can't remember exactly when I did it. I have no sense of time. But fear not, I will find out. Last time I cut was about a week ago, and I will keep an eye on it to see when that's closed.
Mk it's closed up, crust gone, and just a scar now. So it took pretty much exactly three weeks with proper taping closed and taking care of. I would try with no taping for the comparison, but I really can't be bothered to have worse scars in the name of science. Since this is the only cut I've actually counted days on I have no idea just how representative it is but it sounds pretty right compared to the rest of you so I'm guessing that's round about what it normally takes me.

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