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Default Re: What the hell happened?

dude, that shit is deep. normally i would say, "wow dude your a little faggot"

(sorry anyone who is homosexual. im not going against you, im using a quote so please dont be mad at what i said)

but dude, i feel bad for you. i had a great relationship too and it ended up with my gf's friend dumpin me for her...(which sucks more than a regular dump) and then she would tell her friends hwo she only went out with me because she felt bad and all this stuff.

but dude, as bad as you might feel, just kind of forget about it. i still havent forgotten about that relationship that i had and it was a year and a half ago, but i pretend to. the truth is, is that i still have some feelings for the girl. just try to be happier and go out and live your life. onc you turn 18, your highschool life is over, and sometimes that can be really bad, so live it while you can.

stay original dude.
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