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Default Re: **Does Penis Size Matter?**

First of all basically everything you said is a generalization. Some girls certainly like them big but you can't say all girls need nine inches to be satisfied. Most important however is the FACT that 75 percent of women CAN NOT have an orgasm through intercourse whether he's hung like a horse or not. So for the majority of girls penis size is secondary to other skills, mainly oral. Third, if huge cocks were what most women want why do so many sex toy manufacturers make average sized dildos and vibrators, even after extensively researching what their customers want? These companies know what sells and make billions each year- I think they know what they're talking about. And if big penises are in such high demand 90 percent of the male population is screwed. If you're wondering why I'm so adamant about this it's because I don't mind sticking up for something a guy can't change. Would you not be with a girl cuz her vagina is too tight or loose or ugly or her clit is too big or small or any other flaw you could find? I sure hope not...

Ok first of all its not generalization it is all factual from studies down through the years, 2nd i never said all girls want a 9inch i said 7 is indeed the general consensus of what women want again FACT and third you say u dont mind standing up for something that a guy cant change (NON FACT) A guy can increase his penis size FACT cos im living proof but thats an entire different topic, And i think you will find if you go into any sex store or online the minimum and i mean minimum dildo you can find is 6inches but standard at 7inch FACT and thats the most popular selling size again fact so get your facts straight before you try condescending on somebody who knows theirs thanks
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