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Default Re: Making it happen...

Originally Posted by plopalopa View Post
wel i no wot u mean cos wen i was younger bit older dan u tho i had a sort of thing lyk urs but it was me a girl and another guy and yh lyk u sed we dint no bout orgasms or owt we jus touched each others bits! i rely enjoyed it i recon but now i want to do stuff wiv one of my frends but yh i dnt no how to aproach lyk u and im not jus sayin dis it is actual t tru! if u wana pm me cos i no exactly wot u mean den feel free!
i cant read your posts. can you please just tidy them up a bit.
and also this is a really touchy subject. i think that you should just make fun of him with the dog thing and get started on a conversation with him about that and then just kinda edge tword the subject. or you could just come out and say "remember when we played around that one time. lets do it again" he will probably be freaked out about it but if you explain to him then it might just get you there. and dont forget he is probably thinking the same thing you are!

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