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Originally Posted by pimpek View Post
From my experience, girls prefere cut (circumcised) guys. Cut penis is cleaner, no bad smell... Being cut is better because it's easier to keep clean and less chance for infection. I am cut (circumcised) and I like it. Uncut is OK, too. Especially if is no medical problem; many uncut guys have problem with phimosis...
Alot of that is true, except for the text I bolded. To clean a cut penis:
  1. Pull foreskin back
  2. Clean like you would a regular cut penis

I mean, if you don't even clean down there, a cut penis would be easier to keep clean. But there are no knook and crannys on an uncircumcised penis! Pull it back, and it looks like a cut penis. It's really not that hard to clean, guys...

Plus, this is ancient! Why are so many threads from 2005 coming back? I dunno if we should lock this anyway...
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