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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

Nice opinions there, they won't do you any good in a debate team. I don't think all people are ignorant and stupid, I merely see who is. I hate Bush because he's a greedy asshole who hides behind Christianity to get what he wants. Please prove to me this country is greater than any other. Also prove to me that the draft will not be started in around five years.
I don't really like Bush as a president, but saying that he hides behind Christianity is far fetched. You are a pseudo intellect with absolutely no ideas that you have crafted yourself. AND actually, im wondering how the hell ISNT the usa the strongest nation in the world. That's such as joke. The USA has the strongest military and advanced machinery/weapons to go along with it. There is no other nation that could surpass America's greatness. How else would America have become so spoiled?

How much you wanna bet this guy's actually Phantom? He certainly acts the same way. Responding with nothing but insults rather than facts. Next he is going to say he already defeated my argument before it was presented earlier in thread. After that I'll tell him he can just quote this evidence against my argument because I don't feel like searching for it, if it even exists. He will then begin using large amounts of profanity in his frustration at his inability to logically counter my argument.
Puhlease, like your arguments are legit? "Bush hides behind his christianity.."
I'd say that is an ignorant statement for anyone to say about Bush who doesn't know him personally. Did it occur to you that Bush doesn't write his own speeches, he hardly has his own ideas that he can use, and that he has a 1000+ staff being the brain for him?

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