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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Oh that's nice. You make it sound like everyone who doesn't do drugs and isn't proud of themselves is smart. Many drug addicts are smart, but they just have an addiction. Your favorite musicians, writers, they were probably on something at the time.

Maybe the reason this place has so many people who use is because most of this forum is dedicated to helping people with problems? That would mean some of those problems would be DRUGS. It really shouldn't be surprising to come here and notice that.
I can tell you right now that most addicts on here seem dont seem to want to get help, thats what im horrified about.
Instead, most people who have commented before me take pride in the fact that they're drug users and dont think that theres anything wrong with that.

I mean they can do drugs if they want to, im not a dictator, im just stating my opinion exactly how most of today's society would receive it.

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