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I know that basically this same topic has been put up, I would just like more specific to a personality answers...

I really want to jerk off with my friend, but I am not sure, because there are three things that facterize this dilema...

#1: When I was 5 or 6, I got curious and basically had touchy feely stuff with my friends. the problem is, is that now I'm 14 and my parents found out, and the friend I want to jerk with was one of those friends.

#2: He has a sort of protective personality, he is basically a hippocrit. He swears up and down that he would never look at porn, yet when we got on a chat line, I showed him that girls our age are prone to showing skin, and to make a long story short. when it came to the point of looking at them naked he was like "ALRIGHT!"

#3: I don't know that if I initiate a circle jerk between us, that he will remember the time way back when and will be untra freaky. I DO KNOW FOR A SORT OF HINT HINT FACT THAT HE JACKS OFF. He has a big dog like thing in his room, and there just happens to be a hole in the crotch. there is like a dark yellowish stain there. When his sister said " its his sex toy!" he denied and said it was grape juice and got REALLY RED and was like all quiet and junk. You think he does jack off?

I don't think that truth or dare will work because that sort of thing just freaks me out. I do think that if I kind of lured him into watching porn with me, and he saw my boner that I could just suck up the courage and start jacking right then and there, and then look to him and say "wanna join me, feels real good!" and then boom, we're off! I am NOT gay, I just have never done that before. Back when I was 5 it was just like rub dick and feel each other, we had no Idea about orgasms.

Please help, thanks
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