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Default Re: Fear of molesting a child?

Honestly..I don't know what to say. I mean, like I've never had any sexual feelings for children. Perhaps you are not having those kinds of urges, but rather you're being empathetic toward your brother? If I'm talking crazy..correct me, please. Well, from what you are sayin, your brother is young..a few years old...and well, pedophiles are very interested in young boys and maybe because you're the older can't bare to fathom your brother being molested? I mean the thought of it makes you want to spew your brains out..ok maybe not that bad, but you get the point...hopefully.

As for the ocd bit..I have absolutely no idea...seems like ocd is just another excuse for parents to not deal with their children's problems. That's just my opinion at least...but if you seriously have an obsession with such activities..then perhaps you do have some sort of mental issue...if not then you just have a strong liking for numbers and such.. Talk to your parents about it...

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