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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

haha no, im not Phantom.

but you guys say that hes like me so he must be super awesome and right on everything.

if you want little girl, then we can make a bet (with a lot of money of course) that on April 19, 2012, that we will not have started a military draft in the United States.

You like me to prove things, so im going to ask you to prove something.

first, ill start off by answering your other request because im a person who doesnt just leave things alone when they shouldnt be by saying that i cant prove that the US is the greatest country on the planet, because its my opinion.

secondly, can YOU prove that Bush is a greedy asswhole? No. Do you know why? Because its your own opinion. In my opinion, hes not a greedy asswhole. In my opinion, greedy asswhole can mean super cool guy, which in that case, you think he is a super cool guy.

thirdly, he doesnt hide behind his religion. He, along with many other Americans, is religious. He is not going to go against his religious views only because 8th graders think hes a meany-head. Also, he wouldnt have been elected by legalized requirement meeting Americans, if they didnt like his views on issues.

Learn to deal with it and stop trying to make a school project about wanting Bush to get impeached with reasons that you think are logical. You may not have ever done that, but i know girls who did and they are very similar to you in their thinking.
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