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Default Just throwing it out there

Firstly, please move this thread if you don't think it belongs here, its not exactly OCD but I couldn't find a better fit. Mental crisis seems a bit dramatic for this, but the only reason why it went in OCD is because its brain control.

Ok, here's a psycholgical queation.
Your feelings and emotions come naturally, for example, when something is funny, you laugh, when something is sad, you cry, when something is uncomfortabe in front of your friends, you show it in your facial expressions.

Normally, the mind doesn't have a say In these reactions, apart from the odd occasion. Day something on tv is really sad and you feel like crying, but htry to hold it back coz its embarassing.

Since I've had my years of bullying at school now, I don't feel much naturally. I just put on expressions as to how I want to feel
(this isn't sounding good, reading it back)
So like, if someone tells you something really bad that happened to them, and you know a friend might cry with them, but you dont really care so don't find it sad, you make yourself cry. So give a fake reaction to something.

Umm.. if you watch superatural on tv, when Sam lost his soul and couldn't feel emotions, he had to try and use his brain to think how someone could react to a certain emotional situation (he fails at it, but you get the point)

Or when you have some kind of brain injury and are unable to feel emotions, you have to remember what certain things should feel like.

Does anyone else do this? I do all the time, in social situation I'm a hard person and don't feel much so I always analyse a situation a force fake emotions. It works successfully though, I can still make people believe things. In social situation I feel like sam off of supernatural when he has no soul. It's an effect from being shuned for 2 years I think. At home I'm fine, quite emotional actually, the last episode of doctor who made me cry.

But the OCD bit is analysing situation and faking emotions to get certain messages accross, the only emotion that nautrqlly shines through in social situations is embarassment. But I can also fake embarassment. Love is also another emotion that shines through, I can feel it but I can still hide it, useful for when you spend most of your social life with the boy you love

Thanks for reading, its a bit long and confusing, I know. Just ask if you need me to explain further.

Edit: Actually i think my love emotion is overpowered whereas the rest are underpowered. Again with the OCD, when i decide I love someone, I will always be there for them and always make sure nothing bad happens

The companion cube is stuffed with dead test subjects D:

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