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Default Re: Military Draft, Good Bad?

Originally Posted by 0= View Post
I hate the US government and the ignorance of the general population. I am us. Also note that the US government is fascist. Ultimate proof will be the invasion of Iran.

"Don't enrich uranium, you might make nucular weapons, making it impossible for either of our nations to nuke each other due to mutually assured annihalation."

"Fuck you, we want nuclear energy, and maybe we'll make weapons if you don't leave us the fuck alone. By the way, it's nuclear, learn to speak your own language, dumbasses."

"Fine, you won't do what we want so we'll send our exhausted military whose resources are already stretched incredibly thin in Iraq, which we don't plan to leave, at you."

This is basically our current situation with Iran. It will result in the draft.

i hate people that show similar characteristics of you. you hate America and you an American.

you hate Bush for shitty reasons, and you think that people like me are ignorant and stupid.

i cant wait until you get to highschool and you think that your so good at debating, so you join your schools debate team. then you get absolutely annihilated and you realize how your philosophy on many issues is very faulty.

heres my advice for you:

mature and change how you think about your own country, the greatest country who ever has been know to this life.

P.S. we arent having a draft. hah.
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