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Did i say all were bad??? Let rewind:

"Why does that matter. Its what you see. Most drug dealers out there are bad. What about gangsters? Why do you think they all get shoot up? Becuase they sell drugs, and go on each others turf. "

Most drug dealers don't tell you how to use them properly and what not to do. You people just have some lucky ones i guess.

Nope not there. What abut here?:

"Well maby you should watch the news more."

Nope not their either.

The point i am trying to make is MOST are bad. Did i or have i ever said that they were all bad? I think not. I know there are good ones out there, but there are also bad ones.

In my school, ther are about 5 known dealers. They are all bums. Very low grades, dirty, and they are all the rich kids.

In my town, there are a bunch of farmers called the demoranvilles. They sell drug (ie mushrooms is a big seller for them) and when you drive by thier houses they are all outside passed out on the stairs. You can even see some guns hidden in their campers and tractor and things.

I have never herd of them pulling them out, but i wouldnt chance it.
So, you really dont need the media to point out the bad ones.

So, phantom420 before you criticize, take a look at other posts and ask a couple of question to me and cosmos before you come up with your half-assed statments.
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