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Hey there bang How you doing today?
Im really sorry to hear that some people are being so horrible to you.

First of all, i dont really know what you can do about bros/sis. I have 2 sisters and the only thing i can think of is for you to give as good as you get. I mean, at least that way they know what you're going through when they are just as nasty to you.

As for the other kids, you just have to try and ignore them. Laugh at them, they are just idiots. Dont waste your time worrying about people who can only find an ego boost from putting others down. It may also help to talk to other people about these other kids. The chances are, you're not the only one they are teasing.

Next, as for being in a band, that totally does not make you a nerd so please dont think it does. Musicians are totally cool, it shows you have a talent and dont forget that.

Finally, as long as you are healthy and happy that all that matters. If you're want to get a bit fitter just try eating less chocolate/sweets etc and have some fruit or raw veg instead. You could also try playing a sport or hobby. You could even think about taking up a new hobby. That way you could make new friends as well as getting fit.
It sounds as if your confidence has taken a bit of a blow so you just have to try and surround yourself with positivity and shut out the bad stuff. Talk to your friends/bandmates etc about what you're going through. Do your parents know, i mean, they were once youre age so they're bound to have an idea of how you're feeling. You are definately not alone.
But dont forget, we are always here for you at vt if you ever want to talk . Goodluck with everything, i hope you feel better about yourself soon.

sorry for the essay lol .
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