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Default Re: my dad hurts me.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Hang on Hun. Don't kill yourself. You can get through it.

How did your counselor not believe you? What happened? What did she say? Did you show your bruises? School counselors are supposed to take these cases seriously and I can't see how they can turn you away. There are procedures and I just don't understand. Something doesn't add up.
i went and told her what was going on because she had always been nice to me but then she laughed at me because my dad is on the school board and he is a realy important person in our town. so she thought i was doing it all for attention. this was all before i started to tell her everything so i didn't continue. i was too mad at her and mad at me for beleving that i could get away from my dad.

killing myself will help me. it will get me away from my dad. you don't understand, to me there is nothing else worse then what i am getting. but i won't do it until i hear back from this therapist lady.
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