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Default Re: **Does Penis Size Matter?**

This post has been going on since 2007 thats nearly 5 years,ive read all the posts and its clear size does matter. To be fair 4 is definately 2 small but depending on the girl and race 5 should suffice, sorry asains but i know there have been a few upset asains in here with a comment made awile back but it is a well known fact.

Asain guys have generally smaller units but only to accomodate a smaller asain females vagina, it has been proven that men are 4 to 5 in these men average where as a white caucasion is 4.8 to 6 the same as black people are generally that bit larger again but so too are their female counter parts the females have wider and more dept to their vaginas (not goin into the whole inter racial mating coz thats obvious that sizes will be conflicting)but on average a white american/uk/irish womans vagina is 4 to 5 normal and when fully aroused can dilate to 7 at a push so even if you are over 9 inches chances are with the average woman you will not get the whole way in and will start to either penetrate her cervix which would be extremely painful for her or bang off the back wall of her vagina, also painful and not enjoyable for her no matter how wet she has become.

Also just to add to that you will not feel as close to each other either in anyway emotional included but your pubic bone will also not get to rub against her clitoral area also which is a very important thing for the female to feel that to reach proper orgasm.

People that are virgins in here no disrespect intented but aside from the whole love thing and oh it shouldnt realy matter as long as you love and care for the person, you cant really comment until you have experienced it and felt a big or small penis inside of you, only then can you judge if it feels too big or painful or if the bigger penis feels good..
Most experienced girls will not be happy with under 6 to 7inches period and will complain of being unsatisfied but the general consensus is that the 7ish mark is about perfect and about 6 in circumference , its not them being shallow its that a smaller penis just does not fill them up inside and they cant feel it like they would desire to and are therefore not satisfied (and why should a girl have to settle for less and if she can experience a number of guys until she finds a guy who makes her laugh is kind and good and honest to her and has a big penis at the same time then lucky her!! Strike.... And if he has all those qualities more than likely she will fall in love with that person and be extremely happy and satisfied with him forever..)
However even if you are very big as long as you have stimulated your partner properly ie foreplay and clitoral stimulation the vagina should dilate to the max and if you ease in very slowly it will not really hurt any girl no matter how tight she may feel she is.
When im with my gf i take it very very slowly and edge in bit by bit until im touching off her inner fornix but instead of just thrusting and pounding in and out with the full length of my shaft i will come back out maybe 2-3 inches max
and slowly swerve around in there deep and slow and it drives her crazy... If you are that bit bigger this is the only way you will seriously please a girl and they will love the extra big size but you got to be thick aswell as you need to fill a girl up everywhere inside not just in lenght as the inner wall is very sensitive and as someone explained earlier the g-spot is only 2-3 inches inside so an extra thick penis will stimulate that there big time and drive her crazy too....

As regards to females breasts on average men notice big breasts more but when it boils down to it hate them in the flesh, there usually too big to handle (more than a mouthfuls a waste kinda thing) and the nipples are usually pushed out and down in the not so attractive position, whereas smaller breasts tend to stand upright in a sweet little perky position and the nipples tend to look up at you rather than down so majority of men including me like the smaller little cupcakes, way cuter and sexier( so any of you girls thinking of boob jobs well dont give them a chance to develop into your 20s at least i will guarenteeee you they will be perfect...(pm me if you have any qs)

In conclusion to this and taking everyones comments into consideration yes when in a relationship girls are just more forgiving to the size of their partner mainly because they are emotionally involved and then dont care as much because they care for the person so much that they feel so close anyway that the experience is that bit more intense however if the partner was that bit longer and thicker and took it slow with her the experience would be a great deal more intense, girls sometimes just settle for what they have thinking that they may never find love or happiness elsewhere but they all to often do and with a larger lover and then never look back...

Now dont get me wrong im not telling girls to leave the fella and look for a larger guy coz that would be shallow but for girls just playing the field and having a bit of fun nothing serious and have no intentions of getting married anytime soon but still enjoy sex, well if you do find a guy with a good size that takes things slow and doesnt just ram it in and out of you ripping you apart then he may just be a keeper as you may not get another big one thats if he is good to you and all that too and easy on the eyes. But also my point is a girl just having a bit of fun is not going to want a tiny 3 or 4 incher at any stage fullstop.

Hope this helps you all i know it was long but 5 years of posts had to be addressed and i think i covered everthing... please feel free to message me about anything girls or guys no worries!!
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