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Default Re: trying so hard...and failing

Okay. Listen up.
There is no reason at all to cut yourself. Cutting yourself wont "bleed away the pain". You can only take away the pain! You say your not good enough for anyone? NONESENSE!

If you feel like you have failing grades, do better by paying attention and making education the most important and easiest part of life.

Are you abused by your parents? They probably have been abused in their life or they are making the most dumbest choices in life and don't know how to take it out. If you do have abusing parents, run away to a friends house.

Are your friends being the worst people? Pressuring you? making fun of you? Dump em. Why should they be your friends if they are doing bad stuff to you?

Suffering from a lost loved one? Everyone dies. Even the most closest people in your life die. Try to get over it.

This is about all I came up with. If one of these are your problems, try to take my advice.
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